Marketing Integration

Integrated Marketing is the industry term for a strategy in which all marketing channels – i.e. Google, Facebook, email, etc – are coordinated to deliver a consistent message or experience. Marketing Integration is the function of coordinating those channels.

When every marketing channel is complex in its own way, individuals must specialize. A marketing jack-of-all-trades is sure to be a master of none.

At Ethical Digital, every account has an Account Manager whose specialty is Marketing Integration. Their role is to oversee all the channels, making sure they operate synergistically and that the marketing budget is allocated for maximum ROI.

They also serve as a single point of contact for the client, working alongside the client to develop an effective marketing strategy, and delivering clear reports on a regular basis.

When you are evaluating your marketing strategy, ask who is in charge of marketing integration. If the answer is you, then it’s time to ditch your current provider. We can provide you with an integrated solution that will make sure all your marketing channels work together. With Ethical Digital, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

When you’re ready to discuss how we can help you get more from your marketing budget, sign up and a marketing strategist will be in touch.